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The Science of Happiness

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A human issue for today's thoughts..... Happiness.

All of us want it and strive toward it, addressing it in different ways. Children are taught fairy tales where people live happily ever after. That isn't reality of course, but we still seek that very thing.

Watching and listening to Nancy Etcoff presenting a TED talk on Happiness was very interesting and enlightening. What I got out of her talk is the following:

  • We are programmed to seek happiness.
  • High levels of happiness are unsustainable.
  • Small increases in happiness over time provides a more general happiness level over that period of time. Or as a friend put it, "Give yourself fun things to look forward to.

I have always been a believer that massage enables our bodies to disengage from feeling of stress and engages us to feel a much better sense of well being, at least for a bit of time. It is a great way to feel better!" target="_blank">Check out the TED talk yourself and see what you think.

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